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This is a review article on CopyCat Restaurant Recipes
This has been one of the most fun recipe books I have used. The author gives very detailed information on how to cook the recipes that are in his book. These recipes are from some of the most popular restaurants in America. 

I have tried many of the recipes and my family is asking me to make more of them as they choose from their favorite choices. Using this book has saved me time and money from taking my family out to eat and gives you more variety to offer them at home.

Many times it was the same old thing from the kids “not this again tonight for dinner” Now adding some of these recipes offered in Ron’s book I hear “oh wow were having that for dinner” I get much more joy and smiles at the dinner table.

I have also used some of the restaurant recipes to impress my guests at dinner parties. My favorite thing to do is when I have to go to a party that requests me to bring a dish to pass, I will use one of the restaurant recipes and everyone wants to know how I made it. I have fun making conversation with friends and showing off.

I recommend this cookbook to anyone who enjoys cooking and likes to get compliments.