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Seafood is an important part of a healthy diet, so much so that the USDA has recommended that everyone should make seafood a major part of there diet.

Seafood is high in protein, yet low in fat and contains Omega 3, which has been shown to help prevent heart disease. Just look at the populations of countries whose major diet is seafood and you will see that they are much healthier.

Most people don't make seafood a major part of their diets because they believe seafood is boring or they don't like the taste. This is because they have only tried one or maybe two seafood dishes. But, seafood doesn't have to be boring or not taste good, it's all in the preparation. You can have healthy seafood dishes that taste good with the Ultimate Collection Of Seafood Recipes. Just look at a few of the recipes you will find inside:

  • Baked Almond Catfish
  • Baked Catfish Supreme
  • Barbecued Fish Margarita
  • Broiled Bay Scallops
  • Cajun Catfish Courtbouillon
  • Catfish Caribbean
  • Citrus Grilled Jumbo Scallops
  • Crayfish Tails A La Carlton
  • Flounder Florentine
  • Glazed Grilled Trout
  • Grilled Gingered Swordfish
  • Grilled Shark Teriyaki
  • Hawaiian Fish With Thai Banana Salsa
  • Outer Banks Clam Chowder
  • Oysters Annapolis
  • Poached Salmon With Lobster Butter
  • Shrimp Or Scallops Provencal
  • Tuna Almondine
  • and Many More

And with over 1600 seafood recipes in all, you are sure to find some that will delight your taste buds and make you a healthier person.

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